Nov 09

Years ago, during high school, I used to write for a column called “Teen Talk”.  This column was in the city newspaper every Friday night.  I went to different group events throughout the school, as an example a theatre production. I would write an article about the production coming up, introduce the actors and tell more about the person in real life and on screen.  I wrote many articles during my high school years.

I had always planned to study journalism after high school but changed my mind and went another way.  I have always loved writing and I am so happy that I finally decided to write a blog.   I had approached a publisher online and asked if she would be interested in having a blogger. I didn’t want to get paid, it was just for the experience and to get back into writing.  She agreed, not even knowing me from a hole in the ground and I am extremely grateful. You know who you are, I am so happy that you gave me a chance and I really appreciate it!  I am having so much fun with it that I would love to see it lead into a paid position.

I am also studying fundraising management at the moment which is another area I have had a lot of volunteer work experience. I love the field so much that I decided to take a certificate program and finally take the training for the position I would so love to work in.

I am still moving forward with my writing, volunteering for special events and having a FUN time with it.

So in the end, what I am trying to say, is that I feel I am on the right path for me and even though I am starting after I have raised a family for so many years, I think it is a wonderful thing to do what I love to do.  I am grateful that I have these opportunities.

If there is something you want to do, it isn’t too late. Just do it!

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