What woman doesn’t like jewellery?

Nov 25

A few days ago, I hosted a Lia Sophia jewellery party.  I had met Penni Ellwood while I was covering the Newmarket Mompreneur show a few weeks before. The jewellery was beautiful, very reasonably priced and I thought ” what the heck!”  I don’t normally host these types of parties because from past experience, I have found that not a lot of people will attend these types of parties. I had advertised it as a low pressure event so that if course, if people had came, they were not obligated to buy but as being in other people’s shoes, I know that it is hard to go if you don’t intend to buy.  I get it!  There were a few people who came out and enjoyed some wine and snacks.

Penni arrived at my house about thirty minutes before the party start time and had all of the jewellery displayed before people arrived.  The jewellery itself is beautiful and had a lifetime guarantee and is very reasonably priced.  As a hostess, you have some “perks”. You receive special hostess pricing, a number of half price buys and fabulous deals.

Did I say the jewellery was beautiful and reasonably priced?  I wasn’t kidding!

Penni was very professional and I would recommend her as your rep if you ever decide to go ahead and host a party.  You can check her website out at  http://sites.liasophia.ca/sites/embellishme

The party I hosted was closed today and I will receive my orders by the end of the week so the delivery time is very speedy as well.  Great Christmas shopping ideas as well!

If you are looking for some new jewellery, this is the way to go!  I am sooooo excited for my new jewellery to arrive!

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