What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? …….. Great Question!

Aug 30

So, as you all know, I have recently starting writing again, after many years.

I had an exciting day yesterday. I recently approached the Snap Newmarket paper about working for them.  I did not ask for a paid poisition, in fact, I asked for it to be non-paid.  I thought it would be fantastic to get back into writing, and to have as a great learning experience.  They have asked me to call them next week after the kids go back to school and they will schedule me to come out with them to an event to work.

I was telling my husband last night about this and he asked me ” What I am trying to use this writing for, do you want to be a writer or a fundraiser”?  This is a valid question as I am beginning an online certificate program next week for “Fundraising Management”.

I believe that as a Fundraiser or organizer of special events that writing goes hand in hand. You will need to write about your fundraisers, do advertising.  Also, if the writing was to lead to a paid freelance writing position, I would embrace that also.  I am thinking that if I have the opportunity, maybe I can be both a writer and a fundraiser. 

My children are all growing up and I will be looking for a full time position next September so if I can add some experience and marketable skills for myself in the mean time, I say “Go for it”!

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