Vacations are a Must-have

Jul 09

My family recently rented a cottage for a week in Minden.  This is the third or fourth year we have done this now.  It is always nice to get away and relax.  Not that you cannot relax at home but with the water and great scenery, it makes it a beautiful background to spend some with the family, do some swimming and canoeing.  Being in nature is awesome and it also gives you an opportunity to relax without deadlines and worrying about what you need to do that day.

We swam, canoed, enjoyed a few campfires, hiked, and the kids favourite we stopped at the Kawartha Dairy twice.  Mmmm, ice cream!

It was nice to get away and reflect on life.  If you ever have the opportunity to rent a cottage or own a cottage, enjoy it to its fullest.

Getting away makes a big difference in life, even if for a few days!


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