Twitter Parties, The New Thing?

Dec 24

I recently joined a twitter party online last week.  If you know the hashtag being used and the people who are moderating the party to follow, you are able to see all of the responses. What I have seen so far, the moderators ask questions and you reply with your answers as everyone else does too. The party is usually sponsored by a Brand or a Company who is giving the opportunity to people to win the prizes.  I do not know how the prizes are distributed, however, there are some pretty COOL prizes.

The party I joined was called “Roast beef and Gravy” party. This party was held by Great Canadian Beef ( @grtcdnbeef) and Campbells Canada (@campbellscanada).  The discussion was about gravy, sauces and great tips on how to make your meals great.  I was lucky enough to win a one year supply of Campbells new product called ” Stock First”.  I am not one hundred percent sure if this entails beef, chicken and cream stock.  I received an email yesterday confirming that my prize will be delivered within the week of January 7, 2013.

I am very excited to try out this new product and better yet, it gives me an excuse to try new (and more) recipes this year.  I will discuss this product further after it has arrived and I will begin testing.

Do you have any great recipes for gravies and sauces you care to share? Please comment! Thanks!

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