Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Early Screening

Nov 16

Last night, I met friends at the Newmarket Silvercity for the early screening of Twilight Breaking Dawn 2.

I am not going to give any spoilers so you can watch it for yourselves but you will get to see Jacob (Taylor Lautner) with his shirt off.  This was a big hit from the audience in the theatre.  They did a nice touch at the end showing all of the characters from the entire movie series.

By far, this is the best one in the series, in my opinion.  Our mouths were open with shock and excitement and the characters also were easy to look at.

I definitely recommend you to go see this movie. It was well done, some twists and turns but in the end, was fabulous!

The Twilight Gang


with friends at the early screening

Silvercity, Newmarket

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