Tis’ the season to spread Christmas cheer

Dec 19

A recent Walmart commercial has inspired my daughter and I to do a few extra things this year!

My daughter the other day at school said to me, ” Mom, I would like to spread some Christmas cheer and give gifts to some random people to brighten their day”.

I purchased (at Walmart) 4 boxes of chocolates this year for the kids to give out as a gift to say thank you to someone they would like to show appreciation for, and the work they do.

My daugther Ashleigh who is 8 years old, acted immediately.

Yesterday, Ashleigh gave a box of chocolates to her running coach, her tutor, as well as the man who picks up the recyling for our home.  The sheer happiness in the faces of these people was just fabulous and Ashleigh was so happy to see that she had made a difference in their day.

Ashleigh has one more gift and will give to the mail carrier as she has decided.

I asked a friend yesterday who works in the community if she knew of any programs that the children could participate in, to show them about giving back to our community.

The Salvation Army was immediately mentioned so after discussing with my children, they have decided that for every present they receive this year at Christmas, they will donate one of their older toys to the Salvation Army for a child who would appreciate it.  The toy will be in good shape and have a lot of play left in it.

My children have already started collecting toys that they plan to donate and I am very proud of them to be actively involved in this and truly believe that they can make a difference in a person’s daily happiness.

They would like to be involved in these types of programs over the entire year so I will look in the community for some opportunities for my children to become involved.

This time of the year always inspires people to help those in need and appreciate what they have but we cannot lose sight that every day, we can make a difference.

Our communities matter!

Have you done anything recently to give back to your community?


Have a very happy holiday, from my family to yours! xx


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  2. It’s so nice to see your kids getting involved in the true spirit of the season. Kudos to them.

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