Tis’ the Season For A Cookie Exchange

Nov 30

Did someone say cookies?  Mmmmmm, cookies!

I was invited to a cookie exchange a couple of years ago and had a fabulous time. Not only do you have fun and a chance to socialize with your friends, you get to eat yummy, and delectable cookies!  Who wouldn’t want that?

The way a cookie exchange works is very easy.  You generally would want to put a cap on the total amount of people invited because for every person participating, you will bake them each a dozen of cookies.  The cookies cannot be store bought and must be homemade.  Each person will make 12 cookies per each person plus one dozen for the treat table.   This will give everyone the opportunity to sample each cookie. You can make it all pretty by putting your cookies on a christmas plate, or in ziploc container or however you wish to present these.

Serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, wine, or pretty much anything goes.

I had a cookie exchange at my house last year and had a fun afternoon out with the ladies.  And if your husband or guy friends like baking, invite them too.  The best part is that you have your baked goods ready to freeze and to eat during the holiday season at your parties or even just for the family.

Mmmm, I am getting hungry!

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