Should I Run or Should I Walk? Please comment!

Sep 21

Over the past few months, I have not maintained my running schedule, let alone have done much running at all.

I am registered for the Toronto Scotiabank Half Marathon for October 14 and had signed up for the run/walk option.  I signed up for this last year hoping that by the time this came, I would be all ready.

I am pretty sure in another past post I had mentioned that I had signed myself up for a half marathon running clinic. I went to the first night and saw that the instructor was a university student. This shouldn’t have mattered to me but my thought process was that if I was going to pay for someone to instruct me on running, I wanted someone with more experience.  So as pig headed as I was about this (and really illogical to say the least), I didn’t return.  I said to myself that I could do it myself.

Well as you all can see, I have not been consistent throughout as far as training is concerned.

I had contacted the run organizers and talked about becoming a walker on the course. This way, without doing my full running training program, I could still finish the course walking and not waste my fees for not doing it at all.  I was about to contact the run organizer yesterday to change my name to a walker and then stopped.  If I go to a walker classification, I am not allowed to do anything other than walk. If I do the run/walk option that I had originally signed up for, I could do both!  After such a great run yesterday, I am torn. I haven`t trained for the run and hope to god that I wouldn`t injure myself but  I also think having the option of running and walking is better.  But I still don`t know for sure!

Please comment and tell me what you think!  I would love to hear your opinion, as to what you would do in this situation!

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