Running…… no regrets!

Oct 14

This year in March, I walked a half marathon in Burlington.  In May, I ran a half marathon run in Toronto.  Today, I was supposed to run another one!  I sold my race bib to someone else who had trained really hard and deserved to run. The past few months, as much as I hate to say, I have gotten a bit bored of running and also find it hard to fit it in as often as I needed to.

Although I knew that I could have done this run/walk today and definitely finish it, I felt that without any training, it was better for me not to.  Should have, could have, it will get you every time if you let it!  I made the decision not to run because I thought it was the best thing for me.

I have no regrets. For now, I do not want to sign myself up for any registered runs and just run on my own and have been thinking of trying to get past 6 days of p90x.

I am not always consistent I know but at least I am always moving.  🙂



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