Rainbow in a Cup, a yummy St. Patrick’s Day treat

Mar 12

Looking for a yummy but fun treat for your children this St. Patrick’s Day? Like me, are you always looking for fun food to make for the kids?

rainbow cup finished


This recipe was inspired by http://www.enchantedlearning.com/crafts/stpatrick/rainbowjello/

This was an incredibly easy recipe to make.



Jello ( an assortment of the rainbow colours)- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple

1 cup of hot water (per jello box)

1 cup of cold water(per jello box)

refrigerator ( to set jello)

clear plastic cups ( I used glasses)



1. Make red jello as per box instructions.

2. Layer in cup and let jello settle.

3. Continue with all jello colours  in order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

4. Layer each colour on top of the other.

Make sure each jello sets before you add another colour to the top.

When finished, you will have a Rainbow in a cup to eat.

This is a very easy dessert idea for the kids. Add some whip cream on top to finish it off if you like.


The recipe shows to do one jello per day ( to set in each cup) but I wanted it to be a bit quicker so I made 2 boxes of jello a day.

This made the rainbow cup a three day project as opposed to six days.

So although it would look cleaner pouring the jello in individual cups (as per recipe), because my children wanted to help with the jello, we scooped the jello ourselves into the cups after the jello had settled.

This gave them a way to help out with this activitiy.

rainbow cup in progress


This was a definite hit with my children. Let me know how your kids enjoyed it! Mmmmm


Do you have any fun and easy food crafts you would love to share?


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