Newmarket Mompreneur presents Jennifer Ettinger

Dec 13

Newmarket Mompreneur presents Jennifer Ettinger!

Find your Inner Goddess!

 Jennifer Ettinger poster

Have you ever wondered about how to dress for your body type, workouts to do for your body type or even about healthy boosting foods?  Well, Jennifer you can tell you all of this!

Jennifer Ettinger herself

Jennifer is the owner of Fit Your Style and has her own show on Rogers Television. Her book has been in the number 1 position on Amazon and she recently did a book tour in the United States. Jennifer is a Fit and Style Expert and has many fabulous tips to offer.

Maria Racco from Artists Salon and Spa was gracious enough to host this evening for the ladies at her salon.   The Ladies night event was held on December 12, 2012, from 6:30 to 9:30 pm in Newmarket, Ontario.

Jennifer talked to us about health and fitness, foods that were great for our bodies, even about the vitamins that we give to our children.  She talked about having healthy cells and that when we eat and give our children unhealthy foods; we are destroying our/their cells.  It was very interesting and quite powerful to say the least!

Jennifer Ettinger workshop gathering

I have had the opportunity to see Jennifer twice now but still would love to have some time to discuss things further in length with her.

Jennifer is available for one-on-one consultations and you can access all of her information from her website at

Jennifer Ettinger workshop group

Diana Hoang from Newmarket Mompreneur has once again put on a fabulous event and has many more planned for the New Year!

Please visit the Newmarket Mompreneur website at  and thanks to Diana Hoang, Jennifer Ettinger and Maria Racco for a wonderful evening!

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  1. Thank you for covering the event Darlene! SO great to have you there.

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