Newmarket Hero Kelly Broome-Plumley

Feb 25

Kelly Broome-Plumley is a mother, a volunteer, a board director, works full-time with NewRoads and is a big advocate for many events and groups in our community.  She continually amazes me with what she can do!

Kelly is a Board of Director on the Newmarket Chamber Of Commerce, as well as a Director for the Women`s Centre of York Region.    Kelly is also a Snapd Newspaper photographer and writes an Athlete of the Month column as well as Hero Of the Month column.  She writes great stories about other people and it was time,  I felt she deserved it herself also.

Kelly believes in our community.  She believes that we can do wonderful things, when we work together.   She shows passion in everything she does.  Kelly wants our community to work together to make it fabulous for our families to live and grow.  She organizes events such as Girls Night Out to benefit the Women’s Centre of York Region, she has had an instrumental part in Help Portrait Newmarket and many other events happening in Newmarket.  Kelly has been a co-organizer of the Clearmeadow Public School Winter Palooza for the past two years and is also the Secretary of the School Council.

It is hard to keep up with Kelly, she is always on the go!   But as she has said about me, give a task to a busy person and it will get done!   I am proud to call Kelly my friend and look forward to working together on more projects.  Kelly is a great asset to the Newmarket community and is always striving to better the lives of its residents.

Kelly Broome-Plumley is a candidate for Ward 6 in the Newmarket municipal election in October, 2014!   To learn more about Kelly and her campaign, please visit her website at

Kelly Broome-Plumley



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