New Running Shoes

Sep 20

I took Ashleigh out tonight to buy herself a new pair of running shoes, meant for running!  She has been running with the cross country running team for a few days and wants to keep going.  Of course she needs great footwear so we went to Sportchek.  I have always liked buying athlethic shoes at that store.

Here are the ones she first wanted but they did not have her size:

And these are the ones between two choices in her size she picked:

She liked this pair a lot as well and they look very good on her!
(Saucony, same make as mommy’s running shoes)

Ashleigh ran around the store a few times and said they make her feel faster.

I am very proud of Ashleigh for wanting to continue every day even when she finds it tough. For you runners out there, you know that running is NOT easy!  I have lacked in my running lately and she has inspired me to get off my butt again and back to running. (I had a fantastic run earlier today.)

Anyway, I wish her success in her running and am proud that she is going back every day and giving it all! 

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