My Holiday Decorating Confession

Nov 28

Every year, people joke with us that we are the Griswold’s (refers to Clarke Griswold and family movie classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)  in the section of our street.

My husband spends a few hours and hangs lights about the garage and around the outside of the house, lights around the door and windows. We have lighted up garland on our porch, Santa in the garden with some candy canes and even colorful lights in our front tree.

We also have a music box that we bought a few years ago at Walmart. You can program the music to correspond to the beat of the music and have the lights blink on and off or steady. There are a few different types of Christmas music you can pick from to be heard outside.

I decorate the inside with a decorated tree, Christmas village on my mantle with the stockings hanging over the fireplace.  There are poinsettias throughout the house and a lighted garland that goes up the stairs to the top floor. I even have lights in the kid’s bedroom windows that face out onto the front of the house for the full house effect.  I have a flashing neon sign that blinks “Merry Christmas” in our basement.  I like putting my tree up in the middle of November.  Are we crazy? Am I crazy?  Well, yes I am!


I always blame the decorating on the kids but I will finally let the secret out- it is me! I am the one who insists my husband decorate the outside the way he does. I love Christmas, I love Christmas decorations with the pretty lights, pretty colors and even the music. I love the cheer that it brings to me and the way people get together to be charitable and help out where they can. And I am guilty about shopping and my husband will agree, I love spending money and picking out gifts for loved ones.

I am a snow fan but not a fan of the cold and windy winter season we get in Canada. If there was no wind or cold and a mild winter, I would love it. I could live without snow for 364 days a day, every day except for Christmas day!  I love having snow on Christmas day!  It feels more like Christmas with the beautiful white on the ground.

I love spending time together with family, and friends over the holidays and with so many children in the family, it is always so much fun to see the excitement within all of them. Christmas spirit is the best!

What do you all love about Christmas?

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