My First Course After Many Years

Nov 26

It is hard to believe that my Introduction to Fundraising course is almost over- even though it started in September, it feels like it went very fast.  My last assignment and quiz were submitted today.  Exam review will start next week and a few weeks after that, I will be writing a 3 hour exam. Yikes!

The transition of completing assignments, reading and researching topics after years out of school was easier than I had thought it would be.  Guidelines were given, deadline dates were given and we were able to work at our own pace.

Overall, I was very happy with this course and begin a new one beginning January 7, 2013, called ” Fundraising as a Management Process”.  This course will finish in April and then I am hoping to take two more courses over the summer months.  I would then have 2 remaining as I begin to look for a full time opportunity when my little girls go to school full time. *tears*

All I can say is Phew….. now to study!

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