Lesson of the Day- Do not put your coffee near your computer

Mar 20

I learned the very hard way yesterday not to have my cup of coffee sitting beside me as I type on my laptop.

I usually sit my coffee there every day and have had the occasional spill but yesterday, it was a whole lot WORSE!

My cup of Tim Horton’s coffee fell over into my keyboard. I acted fast with paper towels and tried to sponge up as much coffee as I could.

Although the computer didn’t seem too hard done by at the time, I talked to my sister who instructed me to shut it down, followed by tilting it over. And to take the battery out.

My husband is away travelling this week so I messaged him as he is my go-to technical guy.  Everything that my sister had already told me was the same.  I also blow dried it a few times too.

He also told me to keep it unplugged for at least a full 24 hours in order for it to dry.

This morning I turned it on.  (it wasn’t quite a full 24 hours)

It did work but the keys were having issues.  My husband told me to turn it off again and to give it more time. It wasn’t obviously ready yet if the keys were not working.

Well, now it will not turn on again.  There is a possibility I turned it on too early and it wasn’t completely dry inside and I shorted it out!

I still have it unplugged and the battery out in hopes that it will soon turn on again.  If not, I will be very sad.

If you have your coffee or your drink beside you right now and close enough that you could bang it over, please movie it somewhere else!

I have learned the hard way and I rely on my laptop so much for my blogging, writing for other sites and my school courses, that it will be very hard to lose it all!

Cross your fingers for me that I can make it work again!

I will keep you posted and please take my word for it, liquid and keyboards do not get well together!


  1. It’s terrible when this happens. I have spilled coffee, hot chocolate, and white wine on keyboards. But those were desktop keyboards, so even if they were ruined, it wasn’t too big a deal to replace them. (Hot chocolate was the killer – just too sticky!) The computer itself wasn’t hurt. It’s a whole different story on a laptop, where everything is all together. I keep my coffee at a distance. I hope everything worked out okay for you.

  2. Hi Rosemary,

    I was very lucky and other than needing to replace my keyboard, it is all good. It wasn’t as bad as we had expected and my husband cleaned it all out so turned out well for me. Thanks for your comments! 🙂


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