Laurel’s Salsa Facial

Mar 06

Have you ever wanted a facial ? One that is natural and not expensive?  Well, Laurel House has many great ones!

The Salsa Facial is only 2 ingredients- a lemon and a tomato.   I always have these two in my house.

salsa facial


I am always looking for new things to try and the cheaper the better.  So I decided to try the “Salsa Facial” as shown below:

(Above is the link to QuickieChick’s salsa facial and all of Laurel’s wonderful tips on her website)

The facial is very easy to make:

1. Dice up a tomato and add to a bowl.  (I added more tomatoes to the bowl than my picture showed)

2. Cut open a lemon and squeeze into the bowl with the tomato.  Mix together.

3. Apply to your face.

4. Rest for 5 minutes. Clean off with warm water.

I applied this facial and didn’t notice the tingling but as soon as I stopped the facial and took the five minutes to relax my face, it was tingling and you could feel it working.    I didn’t honestly know if it would have any effect but after washing and drying my face, my face is so soft.

I will try this again but first, there are many more refrigerator facials to try.

For more information on this facial and great tips, please visit






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