Kids are worth it!

Feb 28

For anyone who has planned a special event, they know that it is a lot of work and time that go into it.

And this makes it all worth it even more!

Thank you card from students1Thank you card from students



This morning outside the school, I was handed a Thank you card from the Vice Prinicipal, on behalf of the students at Clearmeadow.

The card read “Thank you for a great winter palooza” and signed all of their names.

Fundraising and planning events for a public school environment is very worthwhile because in the end, it is all for the kids.

This is one of the sweetest things I have ever received and I want to thank all of the students and great people at Clearmeadow and in the community who help me do what I enjoy to do.

This will be a constant reminder to me why helping in the school is important.

Thanks again, I feel very blessed to live in such a fabulous community and have my kids attending a wonderful school.


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