If I Can Do It, You Can Too! First Week Journey

Sep 09

I began a new eating lifestyle change ,exactly 7 days ago, called keto.  This is a low carb lifestyle made up of primarily meat, vegetables and some fats. Carbs are limited to no more than 20 carbs per day, no sugar, and no alcoholic beverages.

I stopped eating pasta, bread, starchy vegetables and all sugary foods.  I have done no snacking whatsoever other than a few almonds here and there.  I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and find that I have no need to eat snacks in between.  I thought the hardest part would be bread and spaghetti but even though I have cooked meals for the other family members, I have had no interest.

What? I never thought that would happen.

  The even more most shocking thing is that I have not had one alcoholic drink in a whole week. For people who know me, I  love the occassional drink. (or more)  My husband the other day had a drink in front of me and I had no inkling of wanting any. 

I have on average drink about 16 cups of water (again, much easier than I had thought it would be), but still have had one diet coke a day.  Even diet coke is starting to lose interest for me.

Instead of coffee with sweetener and double milk, I now take sweetener with cream.   I can eat bacon and eggs and have no concerns. I am eating a lot of chicken, beef, a lot of vegetables and salad and can even have salad dressing.  I am finding that by eliminiating the carbs in my diet, I am open to eat a variety of more food. I find I even get filled up faster and am not overeating.

In 7 days, I have lost 6 pounds and feel very happy about my progress.

For anyone wanting to change their eating habits, it isn’t as hard as it seems.  You just need to sit down and plan it out.  If I can do this, YOU can too!

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