I had a momentary lapse….

Mar 05

Today, my daughter left for Florida with her friend and family.  This had been planned for months, packing was done a few days ahead of time, tickets booked and all ready to go.

I thought I was ready for this but maybe not as much as I thought.

See, this is the first big trip my daughter has ever done.  This was her first time being on a plane and being in Florida.  I always expected that this would be with me, when she hit these experience milestones.

When they pulled away today to leave for the airport, I felt a few tears well up.

Really?  She is almost 10 years old and she needs these experiences.  She has the opportunity to experience this great adventure with her friend and her awesome family.  I am so happy that she is in great hands and I know that they will take care of her well.

Almost feels like de ja vu right now, maybe I dreamed it already! Beats me but all I know is that I had a momentary lapse of silliness and am very happy that she has arrived and having a blast.

Of course, I miss her but I know she is having a wonderful time trying new things and I am so blessed that she has wonderful people in her life who will give her this opportunity of travel and fun.   And 8 days will go by before we know it.

I just had a momentary lapse of silliness and that is okay.   I am a mother.  It is my job to worry about my children, ensure that they are happy and take all opportunities they can to make them more well-rounded individuals.  They grow up so fast and all you can do is to try your best, teach them life lessons and give them chances to explore different options so they can lead their own lives in the future.

Don’t sweat it, we got this!


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  1. I was around 10 years old when my family and I went to Greece which of course is a trip in itself with just going on not 1 but 2 or 3 airplanes. But I was very happy to go as I never been to Greece.

    Then my last trip on a plane was in Vegas that my friend paid for everything not once but twice since all I had money for was for spending and he has more money then I.

    But hope your daughter gets to go on more trips cause I asked my family many times lets go on another airplane trip but it never happened until it was 20+ years later and my friend and I went to Vegas.

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