Growing A Vegetable Garden

Aug 30

At the end of June this year, I decided I wanted to grow a vegetable garden.  Although I did not have a lot of space, I dug up a patch of grass in between my deck and my fence.  Compared to most gardens, I had a very small space but as a first time vegetable gardener, I thought would give me a first hand experience as to proper spacing and what vegetables would grow.

I actually bought the majority of my plants and seeds at the Metro Garden Centre close to my house. I also picked up a few things at Home Depot and made sure I had the right soil for the garden to grow.

The lady who worked in the garden centre at Metro seemed to know a lot about gardening and the one thing she told me is that it was hard work to do all of the digging and get it ready but it was well worth it in the end.

She was correct. I have watched my vegetables grow and weed my garden and it has been very rewarding.

In the beginning, I had planted cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, purple peppers, tomatoes and in pots, more tomatoes, beans and peas and also bought herbs and put in baskets on my deck off my kitchen.

The peas and beans died when I was away on vacation (had been a dry week and was not home to water) so I did not bother to replant them.

I have had two tomatoes so far ready out of garden and two cucmbers that we have been able to eat. It has all been very good.

Next year, I am hoping to make the garden bigger and add a few more vegetables to the mix.

I just wanted to tell everyone that it is a fun process to watch vegetables and food growing in your own back yard and to know that the food you are growing is free of chemicals and healthy for your family.

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