Excited About Learning

Sep 07

As soon as I woke up this morning and had my coffee in hand, I sat down at my laptop and logged myself into the Algonquin Student Blackboard where I will study my first course ” Introduction to Fundraising”which is a part of the Fundraising Management Certificate I am working towards.

Today was the start date so I wanted to ensure that the course was accessible and sure enough, it was sitting there waiting for me!

While drinking my coffee, I looked over the different categories of information that I need to be aware of, ie lessons, quizzes, booking exams et cetera.

I read ahead and found that my first task was to write up no more than 200 word discussion about one of the types of giving to a non profit organization, 3 reasons why I feel that this type of giving would be an important funding source for an organization and one reason that another fundraiser may disagree with my thoughts.

I sat down and have written up a draft.  This is not due until September 27th so there is no rush. I am going to take some more time to make it perfect before I send this to a discussion thread for the whole class to see. 

I am very happy to be studying this finally and I am well on my way!

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