Energized After 3 Days, My Experience

Apr 03


For those of you who know me, you know I have recently started a nutritional cleanse. And if you don’t know and read about this, it is even better!

I have never done a nutritional cleanse before. I had always wanted to try but had always had been very skeptical. And, with so many on the market, it was incredibly hard to know where to go or where to look.

I met a wonderful woman on Facebook who was in another group with me. We began talking and I learned about how she helps people improve their health. I learned about the cleanse, did my research and with nothing negative out there, I decided to take the chance.

There was a 30 day bikini challenge and I thought “hell, I haven’t worn a bikini since I was in high school, but…. let’s GO for it”!  There is a group who motivates you every day throughout the month and it is very inspiring.


Day 1- Monday, April 1st. (and no, it isn’t an April fool’s gag)

I woke up and  made myself a chocolate shake. The taste was an off sweet chocolate but I liked it and it was very filling.   I had another chocolate shake for lunch.

After lunch time, I had an incredible amount of energy and did 100 jumping jacks, 50 squats, 50 jump squats and 30 minutes walking on my treadmill.

Imagine that I still had energy after this, I know it is a big surprise, but I stopped there. Being day 1, I did not want to over due it.

I had a 400-700 calorie dinner, which was easy enough to do.

I finished off my day. The shakes I had were filling and they were chocolate. Very tasty and the cleanse product was incredibly easy to use.  It was a very easy program to follow.

Day 2- Tuesday, April 2

Day 2 was very easy. After doing day 1, I remembered what needed to be done in preparing my shakes and snacks and it was a breeze. I felt very good.

My sleep on Monday night was very restful and was easy to get out of bed on Tuesday morning.

I feel so awesome that it encourages me to exercise and go out and make the day that much better!

I love the energy that it gives me (more so than normal) and I am very happy and positive.

Day 3- Wednesday, April 3

Today is the first cleanse day. The past 2 days were shake days.

I started the day off with a drink that helps the body cope with stress, a cleanse drink, a chocolate wafer snack and my herbal tea and mmm chocolate.  I drank approximately 5 3/4 glasses of water within this time frame.

Water is your best friend on a cleanse day.

I expected the cleanse drink to be disgusting but I was happily surprised when it tasted good. It was very easy to drink and with only 4 OZ at a time, it was very easy.



I have MORE energy. I am MOTIVATED. I am HAPPY.

Again, I am only on Day 3 of this program but I feel awesome up until this point.

I look forward to what the next 30 days will bring!

If you would like to hear more, my coach is very helpful and willing to answer any questions.  Contact Lynn Pelzer on her FB page and tell her that I sent you.   https://www.facebook.com/health.wealth.revolution?fref=ts or by email at areyoutoxic@rogers.com




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