Day 1 of what I am calling “Take Back My Life” Journey

Today is like any other day except for one thing; the plan to succeed.  I lost my father this year and the emotional state in itself was enough for me to go back to my old eating habits and drinking wine. And not just a little wine, I was drinking at least two glasses an evening if not sometimes more.  I have always loved wine so this wasn’t a hard thing to do.

Today, I take my life back. No more excuses or shrugging it off or being lazy. I am still coping with my father’s death as it has been seven months since that terrible, unbearable and sudden day happened.  But today is a new day! A New start! A New Healthy Life!  I let things slide and I am back on track. Now as of today!

I will begin a nutritional cleanse program today along with healthy eating. NO sugar, no booze and no bad food for 30 days.  Of course, I intend to continue eating healthy moving forward but baby steps are a great way to start.

I am starting at the highest weight I have ever been at in my life so that tells you something.

Today is September 26, 2026.  My BIG GOAL is to lose 45 LBS before the end of March 2017.  That averages to just under 2 LBS a week. I am hoping that by writing this out for all of you to see, I will be accountable to you as well as to myself.

Wish me luck!

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