Aug 26

My family and I went to the CNE together this weekend.  We had a twleve hour day but was the best CNE Day we have ever had!  We go every year as a family, as our last main event before school begins.

We parked at my nephew’s underground parking at his condo.  ( Thanks for that Paul, was very appreciated!)  He lives about two blocks from the Exhibition grounds so we walked to the gates from there.  As we entered into the gates, there were food trucks set up this year, the first time ever at the CNE.  The smells were amazing and they all looked pretty cool.  (From cupcakes to french fries to burgers, there was a little bit of something for everyone)

We had arrived just before noon so after we all went to the washroom and washed up, we had lunch.  My pick for lunch was from a truck called ” Urban Smoke Fusion BBQ”.  I picked it based on the smell but also advertised was something called “Dirty Bob”.  It was described as beef brisket with mushrooms, onions and swiss cheese.  Not only did it sound yummy but I knew based on the ingredients, I would absolutely love it.

Even though the line was fairly long, the service was very quick and the wait was not too long, always a fabulous thing when you are hungry.
So, I ordered the “Dirty Bob” for my husband and I.  It was absolutely amazing!  The beef was so good and with the melted cheese curds, it was like I had died and gone to heaven.  Mmmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm!  Here is a picture below of the sandwich I received:

If I had have lived close enough to the CNE, I would have went back today and bought another one for today’s lunch.  I can honestly say I was not happy when I had devoured my sandwich, I wasn’t quite ready for it to be done.  Nonetheless, if you are visiting the CNE and have the opportunity to eat there, please check out Urban Smoke Fusion BBQ, you will not be disappointed!
So after my husband and I had eaten our sandwiches and the kids had shared a plate of fries, we went to the food court to get the kids some lunch.  But as we were enroute, my four year old twin girls had to stop at the Dance Mom’s stage for some dress up and dancing.  It was very cute!



After the dancing stage, we head over to the food court and not often can you order any of these neat foods that are offered. And of course, you would not want to eat these foods on a regular basis.  My eleven year old son really wanted to try the ” Donut Burger” or “Krispy Kreme Burger” so we found it being made and sold at Epic Burger.  Although it is something that I would not eat in a million years myself and would probably gain weight just by looking at it, for an eleven year old, my husband and I figured he may as well be able to try it one time.  


It was pretty much a cheeseburger with lettuce inside two krispy creme donuts.  Great for my son but I just couldn’t think to eat that!
We bought tickets for the rides and had the twin girls pick their rides in the kids zone before our older ones had their rides on the midway.  The kids had a fabulous time at the Ken Jen Petting Zoo, as we all do every year, feeding the animals and making new friends.
Melissa with her new friend
Samantha with her new friend
We looked at the exhibits in the many buildings, even picked up some pyjamas for the kids. It was a good day. 
Well, until we lost each other for an hour and a half but that is another blog post I will write about entirely. ( hint: has to do with phones losing battery)
When we finally met back up and found each other, it was 8:30 pm and we had completely missed dinner and even missed meeting up with my sister and her family as well.  At that point, we had been at the CNE for appromimately nine and a half hours so we thought we would call it a day and go out for dinner.  We left Toronto and headed towards home up the Don Valley Parkway.  We enjoyed a very good dinner at Swiss Chalet on York Mills Road and then headed home.  We arrived home at 11 pm and all six of us went straight to bed.
The whole day was about a fourteen hour day.   We all had sore legs and feet but in the end, it was the best day we have every had together at the Canadian National Exhibition. I look forward to making more memories again next year.



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