Thank you

Thank you to my friends, family and readers from my website who extended their wishes and condolences after my father’s sudden passing.  I am getting back on track so look forward to more writing coming shortly! 🙂


thank you

Nominated for People’s Choice, Portrait’s of Giving Contest

Thanks to my mom Jane McDonald for nominating me for the People of Choice category, for the Portrait’s of Giving People Choice award, as a community giver!   If people are willing to vote for me, I would appreciate it very much! I help because I can and because I feel it is important to give back to your community. Even if I do not move forward in the contest, being nominated is wonderful enough and I thank my mom for the nomination and support always. I believe that being humble is a great thing and volunteering is a great way to help others as well as be rewarded yourself for trying to make a difference. Thanks again mom, your note means a lot!

In order to vote, you are required to have a facebook account.

Thanking you all in advance, would be an amazing opportunity to stand beside the great givers in the community!

Laurel House’s Go-To-Tea

This was written on my blog in January 2013 but wanted to reshare for my followers.


Are you a snacker? Eating food throughout the day, not necessarily because you are hungry but for something to do? This is me and I want to stop it!

Laurel House has a great solution.  I first came across Laurel House a few years ago on Facebook.  She is a Spokesperson for Ubisoft “Your Shape” and also known as well as ” Quickie Chick”.

I  have always loved reading her website and she has fabulous eating and health tips as well as everyday tips.

I have tried her ” special tea” before and actually quite enjoyed it. It is suppposed to be fat burning, metabolism burning and natural detoxing tea so I decided to put it to the test.

This is the recipe for the tea:

Special Tea” Recipe:

1 mug hot water – adds to your 8 daily cups of water, fills you up and flushes you out

1 entire Lemon (squeezed, then scrap out the fabulous fibrous pulp)- natural fat burner

1-3 shakes Cinnamon powder- helps regulate blood sugar levels and curb hunger

1-3 shakes Cayenne Pepper powder- natural fat-melter


At about 3 pm today, in between breakfast and lunch, I was thinking of looking for something to snack.

Knowing that I am not hungry and was trying to fill a non-existent craving, I made this tea instead.

It is very good tasting and only two sips in, I already feel no interest in snacking.  The cayenne pepper gives the tea a bit of a kick, the lemon and water are refreshing and cinnamon is just yummy.

If you are craving and reaching for food when you know you don’t really need to, make this tea.  I love it myself .

special tea


Vacations are a Must-have

My family recently rented a cottage for a week in Minden.  This is the third or fourth year we have done this now.  It is always nice to get away and relax.  Not that you cannot relax at home but with the water and great scenery, it makes it a beautiful background to spend some with the family, do some swimming and canoeing.  Being in nature is awesome and it also gives you an opportunity to relax without deadlines and worrying about what you need to do that day.

We swam, canoed, enjoyed a few campfires, hiked, and the kids favourite we stopped at the Kawartha Dairy twice.  Mmmm, ice cream!

It was nice to get away and reflect on life.  If you ever have the opportunity to rent a cottage or own a cottage, enjoy it to its fullest.

Getting away makes a big difference in life, even if for a few days!


Relay for Life for Cancer

I recently participated for the first time in the Relay for Life event in Newmarket with the Mom’s On The Run team.  The Mom’s On The Run team is a group of ladies who fundraise for this annual event on their own as well as a team.  Over the last ten years, they have raised over $100,000.00

My Uncle died of cancer 11 years ago as well as a family friend 2 years ago.  I saw how fast the cancer can take over and it is a nasty disease.  I was invited to join this team and thought it was a fantastic way for me to give back.  A couple of weeks before the event, I also found out that someone close to me had cancer but thank god, it was reached in time and they are now cancer free.    The feeling of helplessness and knowing that there is nothing you can do made it very hard.

I would like to thank the many people there that day supporting those who have had cancer, currently fighting cancer and the survivors who were there to walk.  I had to pause on one of my laps during the twelve-hour period and take it all in.  It was very emotional to remember the past and loved ones who succumbed to this disease as well as to celebrate for the victories.  It was a bittersweet experience.

I relayed for my uncle and family friend and for all of those people fighting this disease now and want to make a difference in any way that I can.

I look forward to spending another twelve hours next year with this team of giving women and if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this night of strength and courage, you need to!

I will add a picture of the luminaries very soon.


When we work together, things can be accomplished!   

Darlene Morrison


At A Cross-roads?

Have you ever had a day where you just don’t know where you fit?  So many options and possibilities and do not know were to go?

Well, this is me today!  Last year, I worked very hard at working at my career development and after securing a job in October as a media relations manager, I thought I had found my niche.   Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.  For my best interests and stress level, I made the decision to leave the company.  I loved the position itself but sometimes, things aren’t all together to make it meant to be.

Almost two months later, I am still looking for new opportunities.  I know what I enjoy to do and where I excel, I am just at a crossroads of where to go next.  Where to start so to speak….

I have been thinking about the saying that goes if you cannot find an opportunity, create your own.  So this is what I am GOING to do!  I am not sure exactly what it will be or where it will lead me but I am determined to  get moving in the direction I want to.

Let’s do this!  If you have a dream, get up and work on it. We will do it together!


Switching to Vegetarian


My family of six have decided to go vegetarian.  We are on day 2 and so far, everything has been great!  I stocked up on the weekend with many fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, milk, yogurt and healthy snacks.

What started this?  Well, we have always tried to eat clean but what began the thinking was a few weeks ago, there was a report in the news about factory workers at a turkey factory abusing the animals and it was caught on video.  I was so upset and flabbergasted by this that my immediate thought was that I am finished eating meat and I could not support that.  A day or two after, my family and I watched a show on Netflix about going vegan and it was a story about a woman going through her journey and visiting the meat plants. Needless to say, we all decided that day, that we were going to stop eating meat.

I did my searching on the internet for vegetarian meal ideas and even asked friends on Facebook for some ideas.  I came up with a weekly meal plan. With all of the vegetables I bought, we will need to ensure we eat them up before they go bad.  Other than one of my six-year-old daughters who is going to miss chicken fingers, everyone is very excited for this eating lifestyle.

Some people say that when you take meat out of your diet, you will be healthier while others say that we are human and are meant to eat meat.  In either case, everyone has their own thoughts which is completely fine.

I am very excited about this new change and I will share with you in the future how things are going and if I notice any health benefits and/or have a craving for meat.  Like I said earlier, it is only day 2 but awesome so far!


Who’s up for looking and feeling their best?

After watching my friend Lynn Pelzer‘s husband release 20.2 LBS and 16 inches in 30 days, using an amazing Superfood Nutritional Cleansing system, I decided it was time for me to experience similar results, because I was tired of feeling tired, and bloated.

I’m so excited to get started and to get my body back. I am starting my program this week and I’d love to have some of my good friends join me on this journey so we can hold each other accountable and get the healthiest we’ve ever been together.

Who’s up for looking and feeling their best?

Please reply with your email address for more information.  Thank you!

Thank you Egg Farmers Of Ontario

Egg Farmers

I want to thank the Egg Farmers of Ontario for this egg-tastic surprise I received today!  This was an amazing surprise and I thank you sooo much!

I have some information and awesome “egg” recipes to share for your family just in time for Easter.  They are also from the Egg Farmers of Ontario and you will be so egg-cited!

Check back tomorrow for new recipes and more information.