Thank you

May 02

Thank you to my friends, family and readers from my website who extended their wishes and condolences after my father’s sudden passing.  I am getting back on track so look forward to more writing coming shortly! 🙂   Share...

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Nominated for People’s Choice, Portrait’s of Giving Contest

Apr 04

Thanks to my mom Jane McDonald for nominating me for the People of Choice category, for the Portrait’s of Giving People Choice award, as a community giver!   If people are willing to vote for me, I would appreciate it very much! I help because I can and because I feel it is important to give back to your community. Even if I do not move forward in the contest,...

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Laurel House’s Go-To-Tea

Jul 25

This was written on my blog in January 2013 but wanted to reshare for my followers.   Are you a snacker? Eating food throughout the day, not necessarily because you are hungry but for something to do? This is me and I want to stop it! Laurel House has a great solution.  I first came across Laurel House a few years ago on Facebook.  She is a Spokesperson for...

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Vacations are a Must-have

Jul 09

My family recently rented a cottage for a week in Minden.  This is the third or fourth year we have done this now.  It is always nice to get away and relax.  Not that you cannot relax at home but with the water and great scenery, it makes it a beautiful background to spend some with the family, do some swimming and canoeing.  Being in nature is awesome and it...

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Relay for Life for Cancer

Jul 07

I recently participated for the first time in the Relay for Life event in Newmarket with the Mom’s On The Run team.  The Mom’s On The Run team is a group of ladies who fundraise for this annual event on their own as well as a team.  Over the last ten years, they have raised over $100,000.00 My Uncle died of cancer 11 years ago as well as a family friend...

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At A Cross-roads?

Apr 08

Have you ever had a day where you just don’t know where you fit?  So many options and possibilities and do not know were to go? Well, this is me today!  Last year, I worked very hard at working at my career development and after securing a job in October as a media relations manager, I thought I had found my niche.   Unfortunately, this wasn’t the...

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