Can you live without your Blackberry or I-phone?

Aug 27

Are you able to go for a day without looking at your blackberry or Iphone constantly? Or do you miss it when you may accidentally have left it at home before you went out? Or worse, have you ever really ended to contact someone and couldn’t when you needed to?

This is what happened to my husband and I at the CNE in Toronto this weekend. 

We had separated and went different ways. My daughter and I went to shop while my husband and children were meeting up with my sister and her family to watch the dog show.  The last message I had received from my husband was that they were on their way back towards me and that they couldn’t get into the dog show because it had been full. 

I was about to text him to tell him where I was and my blackberry died.  Darn.  He had had an idea of where I was so he found me. His Iphone had lost battery at the exact same time as mine had.

He told me he was going to the phone charging station outside Exhibit Hall “B” beside the water fountain and took my blackerry with him, although that wasn’t what I had heard.  I was to meet him after I was done shopping.

I spent some time in a few different outlets checking out clothing for myself and for my children.  After spending alot of time looking for me, I decided to forget it to go look for the kids instead.  I spent some time in the only kids clothing outlet I had found looking through racks and planning out first day of school outfits.  As it turned out, I calculated the prices per head in my head and realized that the deal wasn’t as fabulous as I had thought so I put it all back.  (Except for 3 pairs of Justin Bieber pyjamas for my girls, my 8 year old daughter would not have left otherwise.)

After the pyjama purchase, my daughter and I went off to find the rest of our family.  My daughter had left the building and started walking up to the midway area looking for the water fill station that had had a charging station beside it. Of course, we could not find this!  What I had actually heard was that my husband was going to the phone charging station outside of Building B near the water fill up station.  This was so wrong.  I had thought “outside” being out of the actual building but as it turned out, they were in the same building as us, just outside the hallway of Exhibit B.  Well, an hour and a half later of being lost et cetera, I called my sister who was also at the CNE hoping she had been in contact with them as he had been and they found us.

Nonetheless, the hour and half was quite frustrating. Normally, we could call or text each other to find each other and find a mutual place to meet but we were pretty much in the darkness, in the CNE with millions of people and the possibility of not finding each other.

This was when my husband and I realized just how dependent we are on our devices.  

Has something like this happened to you before?

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