Blogging and my reasons for it…

Feb 19

I have been thinking alot the past few weeks about why I started writing again and what I am trying to get out of it.

I used to write years back in highschool for the newspaper in Orillia and had always enjoyed it. Even though I had always planned to study Journalism, when it came down it, I hesitated.

Why? I do not know!

I second quessed myself and it is one regret that I have always had.  I didn’t write books or fairy tales or stories, I loved writing about productions, people and community events. I always loved researching a story, learning about people and writing about the amazing things that people are involved in.

So fast forward 21 years and here I am writing once again. I really quite misssed it, although I never realized it until I started again.

I have had articles I have written published on a few websites and I truly appreciate each and everyone of them giving me the opportunity to write for them.

Would I like to write full time? Heck yah!  Would I like to get paid?  Who doesn’t?

But am I okay and content to continue to write for personal interest and to keep happy?  Absolutely I am!

Blogging gives me the opportunity to write about how I feel, what I am up to and what interests me in the world. I appreciate the freedom it gives me to better my writing and continue to prove my skills.

I am more than happy to write for other people but will continue to do it for myself also.

I have met alot of amazing writers and bloggers over the months and if I could join their ranks, I would so be there.

If you enjoy writing and want to take a stab at it, go for it!  You may surprise yourself!



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