Back to School Routine and Shopping with 4 Kids

Aug 28

Well, it’s that time of year again!  School is starting and the hustle and bustle of school shopping has to be done to get the kiddies organized for another productive year of school.

Shopping for four children is a little more trying and expensive also.  I try to be a bargain hunter but also one of those parents who may spend a little more on shoes if I don’t like the cheap ones offered. 

Sunday was that day for me!

I had to take my four kids to their annunal eye appointment before school starts, always do to ensure their eye sight is doing well and there are no issues before they return to school.  As always, four for four have perfect vision and no issues at this time. 

After the eye appointment, the kids and I went to Zellers. With Zellers closing, I was hoping that I could find some deals. My two oldest children found a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes each but there was NOTHING in the sizes of my four year old twin girls. So 4 pairs of shoes purchased.

We went to Old Navy and bought a dress for my eight year old daughter  I can never get out of Old Navy without my little girls posing with the mannequins and dog in front of store.

After window shopping for a bit, we left the mall and headed over to Walmart.  Denim was on sale for $5, tops and pants on for $4-$8 depending on what you had wanted to buy.  Each kid picked two outfits as well as a pair of jeans.  Then we headed to the shoe section.  This took a while going through different shoes and picking out the perfect ones for my “Senior Kindergarten” stars.  4 more pairs of shoes bought.

So, end of day, we had purchased 8 pairs of shoes, 8 tops, 8 skirts and/or pants and 3 pairs of jeans all for the price of approximately $150.  Not too shabby for four children!

I had already purchased the school supplies earlier at Walmart previously and for the two oldest who needed pen, pencils, protractor and all necessary supplies, I spent $58.

So, shopping can be done at a frugal price if you make sure you hit the stores at the time when the sales are on!

I have started early bedtimes now also to get my children in the routine of going to bed at a decent time (after extended summer hours) so that when school does begin, it is easier for me to get them out of bed.  I have also started getting myself up at my pre-summer time and look forward to getting back to a regular routine. 

We have all had a fabulous summer but routine is good and looking forward to it!

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