At A Cross-roads?

Apr 08

Have you ever had a day where you just don’t know where you fit?  So many options and possibilities and do not know were to go?

Well, this is me today!  Last year, I worked very hard at working at my career development and after securing a job in October as a media relations manager, I thought I had found my niche.   Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.  For my best interests and stress level, I made the decision to leave the company.  I loved the position itself but sometimes, things aren’t all together to make it meant to be.

Almost two months later, I am still looking for new opportunities.  I know what I enjoy to do and where I excel, I am just at a crossroads of where to go next.  Where to start so to speak….

I have been thinking about the saying that goes if you cannot find an opportunity, create your own.  So this is what I am GOING to do!  I am not sure exactly what it will be or where it will lead me but I am determined to  get moving in the direction I want to.

Let’s do this!  If you have a dream, get up and work on it. We will do it together!


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