9th Annual Whipper Watson Park Cleanup

May 05


photo 1

This past Saturday, May 3, 2014, my daughter Ashleigh and Melissa and myself met at the corner of Clearmeadow Blvd., and Carruthers Street in Summerhill, Newmarket, to help clean up the community park in our subdivision.   This was the 9th year that Ray Bielecki and his family had organized this wonderful event.

Each year, residents meet and work through the forests and Whipper Watson Park to collect garbage that has piled up since the previous year.  This year, an animal jaw with teeth were found, chairs, a chandelier and many other interesting items.

Every year, as the news of the event spreads, more Newmarket residents come out and give a hand at this annual event.  Thanks to Newmarket residents and to Ray and his family for making our community a cleaner place to live.

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