30 Day results are in and I couldn’t be happier! Pictures to be added soon.

May 02

I made a decision just over a month ago to accept a 30 day bikini challenge and really try to lose some weight.  It was a nutritional program with 4 day s of the 30 days as cleanse.  I have always been skeptical about cleanses and had never tried one. (I had always wanted to but never actually did) I didn’t want to be one of those people who were sitting in the washroom all day.

Within a few days on this program, I had already noticed I was feeling happier inside and had more energy.  It was incredible.  By day 8, I had lost 4 inches and released 7.5 LBS…. again this was phenomenal to me.  I was sleeping better and had noticed my mental clarity was better.

When I measured myself again on Day 18 (10 days later than the last time), I had lost an additional 9 inches (now 13 inches) and released another 4.5 LBS. (so at day 18, total inches lost was 13 and total weight released 12 LBS.)

I was wearing pants again that hadn’t fit in years and had lost inches off my abdomen which I had never been able to do in over the 12 years since I began having children.  At day 18, I was already at my lowest weight in over 12 plus years. I was very excited!

Day 30 results are in…. I have lost a total of 24.5 inches and released a total of 15.5 LBS.

The BMI chart has showed in the overweight column for years even though I didn’t feel as if I was overweight but after this program, I am happy to report that I am now in the “normal range”.  Although I didn’t always base my weight on this chart, it was still a nice feeling to show it change.

As I head into maintenance and continue on my journey with Isagenix and using their products, I am so excited to see where the next few months take me. I intend to continue to incorporate healthy food choices into my family and make a conscious decision every time I fuel in my body.

Thanks to Isagenix, my coach Lynn Pelzer and all the motivating people who were alongside me doing their challenges as well. J  I am not done yet!

I have also taken the step and am now a consultant for this product. I love it and think people could benefit from this so if you are looking to gain better sleep, less stress, have more energy and lose weight and inches at the same, please contact me.

Let’s do it!

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