Laurel House’s Go-To-Tea

This was written on my blog in January 2013 but wanted to reshare for my followers.


Are you a snacker? Eating food throughout the day, not necessarily because you are hungry but for something to do? This is me and I want to stop it!

Laurel House has a great solution.  I first came across Laurel House a few years ago on Facebook.  She is a Spokesperson for Ubisoft “Your Shape” and also known as well as ” Quickie Chick”.

I  have always loved reading her website and she has fabulous eating and health tips as well as everyday tips.

I have tried her ” special tea” before and actually quite enjoyed it. It is suppposed to be fat burning, metabolism burning and natural detoxing tea so I decided to put it to the test.

This is the recipe for the tea:

Special Tea” Recipe:

1 mug hot water – adds to your 8 daily cups of water, fills you up and flushes you out

1 entire Lemon (squeezed, then scrap out the fabulous fibrous pulp)- natural fat burner

1-3 shakes Cinnamon powder- helps regulate blood sugar levels and curb hunger

1-3 shakes Cayenne Pepper powder- natural fat-melter


At about 3 pm today, in between breakfast and lunch, I was thinking of looking for something to snack.

Knowing that I am not hungry and was trying to fill a non-existent craving, I made this tea instead.

It is very good tasting and only two sips in, I already feel no interest in snacking.  The cayenne pepper gives the tea a bit of a kick, the lemon and water are refreshing and cinnamon is just yummy.

If you are craving and reaching for food when you know you don’t really need to, make this tea.  I love it myself .

special tea


Harvey Williams, Great Crossing Guard

This was an article I wrote that was published in Snap Newmarket in June of 2013 about Harvey Williams, a great crossing guard.  Hope you enjoy it again!


Found on the corners of Clearmeadow Boulevard and Rushbrook Drive, Harvey Williams has reported for duty every day for the past fifteen years, as a school crossing guard.

Harvey has watched little tykes grow into adults.  He has taken responsibility for the safety of Clearmeadow Public School’s students as his first priority.  Harvey has been an advocate for this intersection and the Newmarket neighbourhood “Summerhill”.   Back in 2004, Harvey worked closely with Newmarket officials to ensure that his corner had a Safety-Stop-Sign” on the crosswalk to secure safety for the children in his community.   He also was instrumental in ensuring the safety walk and intersection stayed where it was against some of the odds of the neighbourhood. A survey of the area from Cole’s Engineering agreed that Harvey’s preferred placement was the best location.

Harvey has been a loyal and dedicated volunteer in Newmarket for many years.  He has been a member of the North Lion’s Club for over 10 years.  He has entertained children over and over as “Harv-O the Clown”, as he is known by his admiring fans.  Harv-O was recently entertaining children in February at the Newmarket winter fest event, handing and creating balloon animals and putting smiles on many children’s faces.

Harvey is a Shriner’s clown. He has been a part of the Shriners Club for over 25 years.  The money William’s earns through his performances goes to the International Shrine Clown Association’s Sneaker Fund, which supports the Shriners Hospital and related Shriners Burn Institutes.  Williams was presented a plaque of appreciation by the Downtown Newmarket Business Community Association in 1998 in recognition of the group’s support of Harv-O’s fundraising efforts for these Shriner organizations.

For over 10 years, Harvey has also volunteered with M&M’s Crone’s and Colitis Foundation Bar-B-Q.  This organization continues to raise a considerable amount of money every year in support of this worthy cause.

Williams says “My favorite audience is children. They talk to me and communicate well”. And as a crossing guard for so many years and a clown, Harvey certainly is where he belongs.

William’s recently received a Volunteer Citizen Award in the town of Newmarket for over 10 years of dedicated service.

I am Darlene Morrison and this is my community!

What Community Means To Me

According to Wikipedia, community is defined as “community is a social unit of any size that shares common values”
According to the dictionary, Community is defined as “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage.”

Community to me is so much more than the above:

1. Everyone working together to better our community and environment

2. Giving back to people in the community (charitable)

3.  Standing behind families when they need help and support

4.  Being respectful and kind to others

5.  Going above and beyond to be thoughtful with no reasons at all or personal gain

6. Parents working with other parents to be the best examples for other children, and making decisions for what is best for them.

7. New friends

8. New experiences

9. Establishing collaborative relationships with others to work together for a brighter future and teaching our children to give


10.  That feeling of pride you have when you have done something great for someone else

All in all, it is about making a difference in the lives of others and having a support system in time if ever needed.   I live in a wonderful community in Newmarket and no matter what is happening on the roads or around the city, it is one of the most giving places I have ever lived.  The community you live in makes an impact on your life so be happy, go out today and enjoy your surroundings.


Vacations are a Must-have

My family recently rented a cottage for a week in Minden.  This is the third or fourth year we have done this now.  It is always nice to get away and relax.  Not that you cannot relax at home but with the water and great scenery, it makes it a beautiful background to spend some with the family, do some swimming and canoeing.  Being in nature is awesome and it also gives you an opportunity to relax without deadlines and worrying about what you need to do that day.

We swam, canoed, enjoyed a few campfires, hiked, and the kids favourite we stopped at the Kawartha Dairy twice.  Mmmm, ice cream!

It was nice to get away and reflect on life.  If you ever have the opportunity to rent a cottage or own a cottage, enjoy it to its fullest.

Getting away makes a big difference in life, even if for a few days!


Relay for Life for Cancer

I recently participated for the first time in the Relay for Life event in Newmarket with the Mom’s On The Run team.  The Mom’s On The Run team is a group of ladies who fundraise for this annual event on their own as well as a team.  Over the last ten years, they have raised over $100,000.00

My Uncle died of cancer 11 years ago as well as a family friend 2 years ago.  I saw how fast the cancer can take over and it is a nasty disease.  I was invited to join this team and thought it was a fantastic way for me to give back.  A couple of weeks before the event, I also found out that someone close to me had cancer but thank god, it was reached in time and they are now cancer free.    The feeling of helplessness and knowing that there is nothing you can do made it very hard.

I would like to thank the many people there that day supporting those who have had cancer, currently fighting cancer and the survivors who were there to walk.  I had to pause on one of my laps during the twelve-hour period and take it all in.  It was very emotional to remember the past and loved ones who succumbed to this disease as well as to celebrate for the victories.  It was a bittersweet experience.

I relayed for my uncle and family friend and for all of those people fighting this disease now and want to make a difference in any way that I can.

I look forward to spending another twelve hours next year with this team of giving women and if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience this night of strength and courage, you need to!

I will add a picture of the luminaries very soon.


When we work together, things can be accomplished!   

Darlene Morrison