Come support the Newmarket Food Pantry on April 26th!

Newmarket Food pantry logo

Please join me tomorrow at Vince’s Market in Newmarket from 12-3 pm- please bring a food or cash donation and in lieu of your donation, Vince’s Market will provide you with a very yummy bbq’d hotdog.

This is the last day of the Spring Food Drive and we would like to thank you for all of your community support for our residents.   Have a wonderful day everyone!

At A Cross-roads?

Have you ever had a day where you just don’t know where you fit?  So many options and possibilities and do not know were to go?

Well, this is me today!  Last year, I worked very hard at working at my career development and after securing a job in October as a media relations manager, I thought I had found my niche.   Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.  For my best interests and stress level, I made the decision to leave the company.  I loved the position itself but sometimes, things aren’t all together to make it meant to be.

Almost two months later, I am still looking for new opportunities.  I know what I enjoy to do and where I excel, I am just at a crossroads of where to go next.  Where to start so to speak….

I have been thinking about the saying that goes if you cannot find an opportunity, create your own.  So this is what I am GOING to do!  I am not sure exactly what it will be or where it will lead me but I am determined to  get moving in the direction I want to.

Let’s do this!  If you have a dream, get up and work on it. We will do it together!


Switching to Vegetarian


My family of six have decided to go vegetarian.  We are on day 2 and so far, everything has been great!  I stocked up on the weekend with many fruits and vegetables as well as nuts, milk, yogurt and healthy snacks.

What started this?  Well, we have always tried to eat clean but what began the thinking was a few weeks ago, there was a report in the news about factory workers at a turkey factory abusing the animals and it was caught on video.  I was so upset and flabbergasted by this that my immediate thought was that I am finished eating meat and I could not support that.  A day or two after, my family and I watched a show on Netflix about going vegan and it was a story about a woman going through her journey and visiting the meat plants. Needless to say, we all decided that day, that we were going to stop eating meat.

I did my searching on the internet for vegetarian meal ideas and even asked friends on Facebook for some ideas.  I came up with a weekly meal plan. With all of the vegetables I bought, we will need to ensure we eat them up before they go bad.  Other than one of my six-year-old daughters who is going to miss chicken fingers, everyone is very excited for this eating lifestyle.

Some people say that when you take meat out of your diet, you will be healthier while others say that we are human and are meant to eat meat.  In either case, everyone has their own thoughts which is completely fine.

I am very excited about this new change and I will share with you in the future how things are going and if I notice any health benefits and/or have a craving for meat.  Like I said earlier, it is only day 2 but awesome so far!


Who’s up for looking and feeling their best?

After watching my friend Lynn Pelzer‘s husband release 20.2 LBS and 16 inches in 30 days, using an amazing Superfood Nutritional Cleansing system, I decided it was time for me to experience similar results, because I was tired of feeling tired, and bloated.

I’m so excited to get started and to get my body back. I am starting my program this week and I’d love to have some of my good friends join me on this journey so we can hold each other accountable and get the healthiest we’ve ever been together.

Who’s up for looking and feeling their best?

Please reply with your email address for more information.  Thank you!