Is this really the lazy way to lose weight?

Feb 28

I came across this post on Facebook today from The Natures Farmacy.  They say that if you mix raw honey, cinnamon and boiled water together, it will burn hundreds of calories and help you lose weight. I do not generally believe these types of concoctions work as I have tried many over the years.  I am going to put this to the test and let you know if I notice or...

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Newmarket Hero Kelly Broome-Plumley

Feb 25

Kelly Broome-Plumley is a mother, a volunteer, a board director, works full-time with NewRoads and is a big advocate for many events and groups in our community.  She continually amazes me with what she can do! Kelly is a Board of Director on the Newmarket Chamber Of Commerce, as well as a Director for the Women`s Centre of York Region.    Kelly is also a Snapd...

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Egg Farmers of Canada help bring families together!

Feb 23

The EFO wants to bring families back to the table for the most important meal of the day and every day should start with some quality family time and a healthy breakfast made with Ontario eggs. Looking for a more Canadian dish? Let your Canadian spirit shine through by preparing EFO’s spin on Eggs Benedict. This recipe features maple syrup and Montreal-smoked meat,...

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Free Girls Workshop Session in Newmarket At Glama Gal Tween Spa

Feb 19

FREE Girls Workshop this Monday at our Glama Gal Newmarket Location! Contact Glama Gal Tween Spa Newmarket 905-235-4257 to register your tween.   Share...

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Sometimes ,you need to step back and change your mindset!

Feb 16

My life recently took a turn. I had been working in the field I had always wanted to,  in the type of position I had always wanted.  But then things changed.    Sometimes, even when things seem on paper that it would be perfect, it isn’t and you need to re-evaluate your future goals.  Don’t be afraid to say that something isn’t right for...

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