Reflections of the year

Well, it has been a LONG time since I have written.  I have been very busy the past few months and for those who have subscribed to my site, I am so sorry that I haven’t been here lately.

I have been reflecting today on what 2013 held for me.  It was a very busy year but a good one indeed.

The year began being entrenched in two fundraising courses and a lot of study while helping to organize a winter carnival for my children’s school. It was great and chaotic and busy but totally awesome and we had such a great turn out. It was a lot of fun.  Great reviews and the kids all had a fabulous time which was the main goal.

I started on a health journey in April, lost 15 LBS and even started a part-time business on the side.  The business didn’t last longer than a few months but that was okay… you never know unless you try and it wasn’t the best timing so no regrets.

My friend (who was also moonlighting as my career adviser I always told her) sent my writing to a friend and in June, I had my first “Hero Of the Month” column published in SNAP Newmarket.   It was about Harvey, the crossing guard who has been a part of my children’s school for years.  I began working at Snap part-time taking event photographs and also part-time advertising sales.

In September, I made the hard decision to leave SNAP in hopes of finding a full-time position in the non-profit sector.

Before I get to this, September was a big change for my family.  My twin girls were in grade one full-time and when they returned to school, I had always planned to go back to work.  Their first day of grade one was a very proud day and sad at the same time.  I knew they were ready and so excited but a bit sad for me as they were my last ones to go to school full-time.

In October, I signed a contract for a position in Media Relations at the Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada, in Markham.  Not only was this position what I had always been interested in working in, it was in the non-profit sector I wanted to be a part of.   Three months later, I am still there and very happy and excited every day to see what the day will bring.

September, I volunteered to take on the role of Social Media for the Newmarket Food Pantry and have been doing that ever since. I helped coordinate the “Great Canadian Food Fight” in October along with Vince’s Market, Brian Johns and Joe Sponga.  Newmarket collected 14, 542 LBS of food which for the first year, was awesome.  Next year, we will rock it even more!

In June, I was nominated to the Board of Directors for Girls Inc York Region.  As a mother of three girls, this was a no brainer. The support of girls to promote self-esteem and learn how to stand up for themselves is definitely a rewarding task.

I am now a working mother (for a few months now) and working every day for a great cause that I absolutely love.  I am a member of the School Council for the 9th year and helping to organize the 2nd annual winter carnival.  My children are used to their new routine and thriving.

With some time of for the Christmas holidays, I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends.

I have met a lot of new and amazing people this year and you know who you are. You have made a difference in my life, and I love you all. I love living in Newmarket but the most important thing I have realized is that there are a lot of wonderful and caring people who are making a difference every day and I am proud to call you my friends.

As we approach 2014, I am surrounded by a great family , friends and co-workers and look forward to what 2014 has to bring!  Many things are planned for the New Year which I am very excited for. (will leave that for a post in 2014)

If we work together, we can do great things!