Kids are worth it!

Feb 28

For anyone who has planned a special event, they know that it is a lot of work and time that go into it. And this makes it all worth it even more!     This morning outside the school, I was handed a Thank you card from the Vice Prinicipal, on behalf of the students at Clearmeadow. The card read “Thank you for a great winter palooza” and signed...

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Yay, Clearmeadow Winter Palooza was a success!

Feb 24

Well, we pulled it off! (The second time around). The Clearmeadow Winter Palooza went yesterday without a hiccup. Although I have a blister on my toe and my feet were aching once I took my boots off after the day and I broke my beautiful crockpot at the end of the day (stupid on my part story), it was well worth it!  To know that the community and children had a...

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Blogging and my reasons for it…

Feb 19

I have been thinking alot the past few weeks about why I started writing again and what I am trying to get out of it. I used to write years back in highschool for the newspaper in Orillia and had always enjoyed it. Even though I had always planned to study Journalism, when it came down it, I hesitated. Why? I do not know! I second quessed myself and it is one regret...

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Mmmm Great way to start off a Friday

Feb 15

I cannot think of a better way to start off a Friday and a PA Day with the kids than a Tim Hortons extra large coffee and breakfast sandwich for me and fruit explosion/blueberry muffins for the kids.  Yummy. Thanks to my husband for picking those up for me! 🙂   What is your Friday pleasure? Share...

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Another great event in our community- 3rd Annual Girls Night Out

Feb 13

    Another Fabulous Community Event – 3rd Annual Girls Night Out   Share...

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