And…. what is on the meal plan for the next two weeks?

Jan 30

As I get closer to another Friday, I begin to think of meal planning for my next two weeks for the family. With four children, I do like to try to feed them healthy meals as much as I possibly can.  I also have days when I am looking for something convenient and not necessarily the best choice. Even myself, I find that I snack during the day or look for food when I...

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Another winner from Campbells- Maple Dijon Chicken

Jan 24

With a year supply of Canad’s Stockfirst Cream Stock, I want to make sure I try new recipes and as many as I can.  With four kids, I am always trying to freshen things up and try to expand their pallette. With that said, I am trying a recipe for the Campbells Canada website. For this recipe and others, please visit their website...

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Aged Cheddar & Parmesan Mac n’ Cheese

Jan 21

As I have mentioned before, I won a year supply from Campbells Canada of their new product Stockfirst.  After looking through their website , I picked a new recipe to try.  I used a recipe with the new Cream Stock.       It was called Aged Cheddar & Parmesan Mac n’ Cheese Here is the recipe below from the...

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Awfully Easy Barbecued Ribs

Jan 13

I have made ribs many times and used many different recipes over the years.  I came across this ” Awfully Easy Barbecued Ribs” in my Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook, Feasting with your Slow Cooker, year 2000. I always find that cooking ribs in the crockpot for me is sometimes a hit and miss but I thought I would try it again. I decided to try this recipe...

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Fat-Burning, Metabolism-Boosting, Detox “Special Tea” (that also kills Cravings)….. But Does It Work?

Jan 12

Are you a snacker? Eating food throughout the day, not necessarily because you are hungry but for something to do? This is me and I want to stop it! Laurel House has a great solution.  I first came across Laurel House a few years ago on Facebook.  She is a Spokesperson for Ubisoft “Your Shape” and also known as well as ” Quickie Chick”. I ...

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