Tis’ the Season For A Cookie Exchange

Nov 30

Did someone say cookies?  Mmmmmm, cookies! I was invited to a cookie exchange a couple of years ago and had a fabulous time. Not only do you have fun and a chance to socialize with your friends, you get to eat yummy, and delectable cookies!  Who wouldn’t want that? The way a cookie exchange works is very easy.  You generally would want to put a cap on the total...

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My Holiday Decorating Confession

Nov 28

Every year, people joke with us that we are the Griswold’s (refers to Clarke Griswold and family movie classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)  in the section of our street. My husband spends a few hours and hangs lights about the garage and around the outside of the house, lights around the door and windows. We have lighted up garland on our porch,...

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My First Course After Many Years

Nov 26

It is hard to believe that my Introduction to Fundraising course is almost over- even though it started in September, it feels like it went very fast.  My last assignment and quiz were submitted today.  Exam review will start next week and a few weeks after that, I will be writing a 3 hour exam. Yikes! The transition of completing assignments, reading and...

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What woman doesn’t like jewellery?

Nov 25

A few days ago, I hosted a Lia Sophia jewellery party.  I had met Penni Ellwood while I was covering the Newmarket Mompreneur show a few weeks before. The jewellery was beautiful, very reasonably priced and I thought ” what the heck!”  I don’t normally host these types of parties because from past experience, I have found that not a lot of people...

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Are you tired?

Nov 16

As a female, we deal with many things from child birth to menopause and many things in between. Do you feel tired all of the time, sluggish, notice that you are gaining weight even though you are exercising and eating right? If so, you could have a low thyroid condition called hypothyroidism. I first discovered I had a low thyroid condition when my second child was 8...

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