Tis’ the Season For A Cookie Exchange

Did someone say cookies?  Mmmmmm, cookies!

I was invited to a cookie exchange a couple of years ago and had a fabulous time. Not only do you have fun and a chance to socialize with your friends, you get to eat yummy, and delectable cookies!  Who wouldn’t want that?

The way a cookie exchange works is very easy.  You generally would want to put a cap on the total amount of people invited because for every person participating, you will bake them each a dozen of cookies.  The cookies cannot be store bought and must be homemade.  Each person will make 12 cookies per each person plus one dozen for the treat table.   This will give everyone the opportunity to sample each cookie. You can make it all pretty by putting your cookies on a christmas plate, or in ziploc container or however you wish to present these.

Serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate, wine, or pretty much anything goes.

I had a cookie exchange at my house last year and had a fun afternoon out with the ladies.  And if your husband or guy friends like baking, invite them too.  The best part is that you have your baked goods ready to freeze and to eat during the holiday season at your parties or even just for the family.

Mmmm, I am getting hungry!

My Holiday Decorating Confession

Every year, people joke with us that we are the Griswold’s (refers to Clarke Griswold and family movie classic National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)  in the section of our street.

My husband spends a few hours and hangs lights about the garage and around the outside of the house, lights around the door and windows. We have lighted up garland on our porch, Santa in the garden with some candy canes and even colorful lights in our front tree.

We also have a music box that we bought a few years ago at Walmart. You can program the music to correspond to the beat of the music and have the lights blink on and off or steady. There are a few different types of Christmas music you can pick from to be heard outside.

I decorate the inside with a decorated tree, Christmas village on my mantle with the stockings hanging over the fireplace.  There are poinsettias throughout the house and a lighted garland that goes up the stairs to the top floor. I even have lights in the kid’s bedroom windows that face out onto the front of the house for the full house effect.  I have a flashing neon sign that blinks “Merry Christmas” in our basement.  I like putting my tree up in the middle of November.  Are we crazy? Am I crazy?  Well, yes I am!


I always blame the decorating on the kids but I will finally let the secret out- it is me! I am the one who insists my husband decorate the outside the way he does. I love Christmas, I love Christmas decorations with the pretty lights, pretty colors and even the music. I love the cheer that it brings to me and the way people get together to be charitable and help out where they can. And I am guilty about shopping and my husband will agree, I love spending money and picking out gifts for loved ones.

I am a snow fan but not a fan of the cold and windy winter season we get in Canada. If there was no wind or cold and a mild winter, I would love it. I could live without snow for 364 days a day, every day except for Christmas day!  I love having snow on Christmas day!  It feels more like Christmas with the beautiful white on the ground.

I love spending time together with family, and friends over the holidays and with so many children in the family, it is always so much fun to see the excitement within all of them. Christmas spirit is the best!

What do you all love about Christmas?

My First Course After Many Years

It is hard to believe that my Introduction to Fundraising course is almost over- even though it started in September, it feels like it went very fast.  My last assignment and quiz were submitted today.  Exam review will start next week and a few weeks after that, I will be writing a 3 hour exam. Yikes!

The transition of completing assignments, reading and researching topics after years out of school was easier than I had thought it would be.  Guidelines were given, deadline dates were given and we were able to work at our own pace.

Overall, I was very happy with this course and begin a new one beginning January 7, 2013, called ” Fundraising as a Management Process”.  This course will finish in April and then I am hoping to take two more courses over the summer months.  I would then have 2 remaining as I begin to look for a full time opportunity when my little girls go to school full time. *tears*

All I can say is Phew….. now to study!

What woman doesn’t like jewellery?

A few days ago, I hosted a Lia Sophia jewellery party.  I had met Penni Ellwood while I was covering the Newmarket Mompreneur show a few weeks before. The jewellery was beautiful, very reasonably priced and I thought ” what the heck!”  I don’t normally host these types of parties because from past experience, I have found that not a lot of people will attend these types of parties. I had advertised it as a low pressure event so that if course, if people had came, they were not obligated to buy but as being in other people’s shoes, I know that it is hard to go if you don’t intend to buy.  I get it!  There were a few people who came out and enjoyed some wine and snacks.

Penni arrived at my house about thirty minutes before the party start time and had all of the jewellery displayed before people arrived.  The jewellery itself is beautiful and had a lifetime guarantee and is very reasonably priced.  As a hostess, you have some “perks”. You receive special hostess pricing, a number of half price buys and fabulous deals.

Did I say the jewellery was beautiful and reasonably priced?  I wasn’t kidding!

Penni was very professional and I would recommend her as your rep if you ever decide to go ahead and host a party.  You can check her website out at  http://sites.liasophia.ca/sites/embellishme

The party I hosted was closed today and I will receive my orders by the end of the week so the delivery time is very speedy as well.  Great Christmas shopping ideas as well!

If you are looking for some new jewellery, this is the way to go!  I am sooooo excited for my new jewellery to arrive!

Are you tired?

As a female, we deal with many things from child birth to menopause and many things in between. Do you feel tired all of the time, sluggish, notice that you are gaining weight even though you are exercising and eating right?

If so, you could have a low thyroid condition called hypothyroidism.

I first discovered I had a low thyroid condition when my second child was 8 months old. I was so tired and not just regular busy mom tired, it was a lot more than normal.  I felt tired all of the time and just that something was off. I visited my doctor, got tested and sure enough, my thyroid was below average. I was given eltroxin (common for low thyroid issues) and even though my dosage was only 0.05 mg, it was enough to get me back to that normal level.

Fast forward three years, I am pregnant with twin girls. I continued my thyroid medication and even though a lot of changes were going on inside my body, my thyroid stayed at the normal range.

So now fast forward four years this time, I do a regular blood workup and my thyroid condition is GONE!  Wow, how did that happen?  I had been told that once you are put on that medication, it is for the rest of your life.  I beat it, woo hoo!

A couple of months ago, after a week away on vacation,I was tired but didn’t think much of it and I had been eating badly on vacation so the weight gain I was noticing I had figured was from my bad summer habits.

I had a feeling that my thyroid condition was back so off I went to the doctor’s to get blood work and can you guess what turns up?  My thyroid is below the normal range once again.  I am prescribed the eltroxin again and a couple of months in, I do not feel as tired as I had and thank god, the weight gain has stopped.

Another possibility if you feel the same way I did, you could also have low iron (hemoglobin) which by coincidence, I am now taking a thyroid medication and an iron pill every day. (I had both.)

Trust yourself, listen to your body, and if something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t!

Good luck!

Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 Early Screening

Last night, I met friends at the Newmarket Silvercity for the early screening of Twilight Breaking Dawn 2.

I am not going to give any spoilers so you can watch it for yourselves but you will get to see Jacob (Taylor Lautner) with his shirt off.  This was a big hit from the audience in the theatre.  They did a nice touch at the end showing all of the characters from the entire movie series.

By far, this is the best one in the series, in my opinion.  Our mouths were open with shock and excitement and the characters also were easy to look at.

I definitely recommend you to go see this movie. It was well done, some twists and turns but in the end, was fabulous!

The Twilight Gang


with friends at the early screening
Silvercity, Newmarket


Years ago, during high school, I used to write for a column called “Teen Talk”.  This column was in the city newspaper every Friday night.  I went to different group events throughout the school, as an example a theatre production. I would write an article about the production coming up, introduce the actors and tell more about the person in real life and on screen.  I wrote many articles during my high school years.

I had always planned to study journalism after high school but changed my mind and went another way.  I have always loved writing and I am so happy that I finally decided to write a blog.   I had approached a publisher online and asked if she would be interested in having a blogger. I didn’t want to get paid, it was just for the experience and to get back into writing.  She agreed, not even knowing me from a hole in the ground and I am extremely grateful. You know who you are, I am so happy that you gave me a chance and I really appreciate it!  I am having so much fun with it that I would love to see it lead into a paid position.

I am also studying fundraising management at the moment which is another area I have had a lot of volunteer work experience. I love the field so much that I decided to take a certificate program and finally take the training for the position I would so love to work in.

I am still moving forward with my writing, volunteering for special events and having a FUN time with it.

So in the end, what I am trying to say, is that I feel I am on the right path for me and even though I am starting after I have raised a family for so many years, I think it is a wonderful thing to do what I love to do.  I am grateful that I have these opportunities.

If there is something you want to do, it isn’t too late. Just do it!