Easy Peasy PA Day Lunch

So, without going shopping for the PA day today, I needed to come up with an easy lunch for five kids.

This is one of the easiest things to make and my kids absolutely love it! Not only that but it is super easy.

Bagel Pizzas


Ingredient List:

bagels, cut in half ( I use whole wheat but any type would do)

cheese, grated

pizza sauce (or spaghetti sauce works too)


1. Take bagels and separate into two halves.

2. Spread sauce on top of the bagels.

3. Spread grated cheese over top of bagel.


4.  Put in oven to broil.

5. Cook until the cheese melts.


There are also other variations. My children love vegetables so I usually cut up some green and red peppers and they decorate their own as well.  I try to always have fresh vegetables in my kitchen.


This is also a fun lunch that your children can help you with also.


Time Goes Lightning Speed

Who woulda thunk it?

My twin girls Melissa and Samantha are going to be 5 years old in a few days!  It just feels like yesterday when they were born. They are growing into little ladies, in Senior Kindergarten and becoming their individual selves.

It is so fun to see them over the years learning new things, reacting to new situations and all in all, they have both always been troopers.

We are taking them tomorrow to Great Wolf Lodge for their birthday fun and I hope that they have a fabulous time.


Fall Has Arrived

The colder temperatures have arrived and for me, that doesn’t only mean sweaters, jackets and warm socks, it also means cooking.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be doing some fall festive recipes I enjoy every year like pumpkin seeds, apple crumble and a few more yummy treats.

Look forward to it and if anyone has any other great recipes or ideas for this time of the year, I would love to hear them!





Today I finally got myself out of bed at 5:30 am and was all dressed, had coffee and was out the door for 6 am to go running.

It has always been a battle of wills between me and my brain and today I won!  Getting out of bed so early was always the hard part.  Although I didn’t do a long run, it was enough to put a pep in my step for the rest of the day. It was still dark, the sky was full of beautiful shining stars and other than a little bit of traffic here and there, it was quiet.

I was done my breakfast, shower, and had three (yes, ouch) cups of coffee before the kids were even out of bed!   I didn’t have to think about running after I dropped off the kids at school and can focus on other things today now that I have been putting off.

I definitely think I will continue this running to be an early morning activity. It was enjoyable and I am so happy that I finally discovered I should have been doing this all along!

Now (yawn), I may need more coffee!

You’re Having Twins!

I was like any other pregnant woman with my third child waiting for an ultrasound to make sure the baby was ok and everything was fabulous.  This was my third child so I had been through this before.

I was eight weeks pregnant and went for the ultrasound.  The appointment started off any other way that a pregnant women feels, you just want to get it over with and go to the washroom. (The amount of water they make you drink before one of these is ridiculous!) 

The technician and I were talking away and I said to him ” My husband and I were joking around and said our luck, we would have twins”.  My husband and I always joked that we could look at each other and get pregnant. 🙂  The technician pointed to the monitor screen and said “One and two” as his fingers touched the screen and said “there are your twins”.    I said “yah right”, seriously thinking he was joking with me.  When I realized he was serious, I didn’t know how to respond.  I laughed and had a tear coming down my face at the same time. I didn’t know what to do!

My sister and her daughter were in the waiting room with my daughter. My son Justin had came in the room with me because he had wanted to see the monitor and be a part of the experience.  As soon as we left the room, he blurted it out as soon as we got into the waiting room.  My sister Chrissy I am pretty sure was in shock too.  (So instead of three children, I was now going to have four)

I gave my sister the keys to drive home because I was afraid I wouldn’t pay attention to my driving.  I called my husband a million times before he finally called me and blurted it out. (He was at work)   Again, I was still in shock and now he was too.  He had figured it may have been something like that because I called him so many times. Either that or I had crashed the truck!

Needless to say, we broke the news soon after to our families and after a few days of getting used to the news, it was all history!

My twin girls are now almost five years old and it has been amazing watching the similarities and differences and the fun they have added to all of our lives. 

Should I Run or Should I Walk? Please comment!

Over the past few months, I have not maintained my running schedule, let alone have done much running at all.

I am registered for the Toronto Scotiabank Half Marathon for October 14 and had signed up for the run/walk option.  I signed up for this last year hoping that by the time this came, I would be all ready.

I am pretty sure in another past post I had mentioned that I had signed myself up for a half marathon running clinic. I went to the first night and saw that the instructor was a university student. This shouldn’t have mattered to me but my thought process was that if I was going to pay for someone to instruct me on running, I wanted someone with more experience.  So as pig headed as I was about this (and really illogical to say the least), I didn’t return.  I said to myself that I could do it myself.

Well as you all can see, I have not been consistent throughout as far as training is concerned.

I had contacted the run organizers and talked about becoming a walker on the course. This way, without doing my full running training program, I could still finish the course walking and not waste my fees for not doing it at all.  I was about to contact the run organizer yesterday to change my name to a walker and then stopped.  If I go to a walker classification, I am not allowed to do anything other than walk. If I do the run/walk option that I had originally signed up for, I could do both!  After such a great run yesterday, I am torn. I haven`t trained for the run and hope to god that I wouldn`t injure myself but  I also think having the option of running and walking is better.  But I still don`t know for sure!

Please comment and tell me what you think!  I would love to hear your opinion, as to what you would do in this situation!

New Running Shoes

I took Ashleigh out tonight to buy herself a new pair of running shoes, meant for running!  She has been running with the cross country running team for a few days and wants to keep going.  Of course she needs great footwear so we went to Sportchek.  I have always liked buying athlethic shoes at that store.

Here are the ones she first wanted but they did not have her size:

And these are the ones between two choices in her size she picked:

She liked this pair a lot as well and they look very good on her!
(Saucony, same make as mommy’s running shoes)

Ashleigh ran around the store a few times and said they make her feel faster.

I am very proud of Ashleigh for wanting to continue every day even when she finds it tough. For you runners out there, you know that running is NOT easy!  I have lacked in my running lately and she has inspired me to get off my butt again and back to running. (I had a fantastic run earlier today.)

Anyway, I wish her success in her running and am proud that she is going back every day and giving it all! 

Quick Update

I have been so busy lately that I haven’t really had a chance to sit down and write about things happening so I will just do a quick update.

I am just starting the third week of my eating clean lifestyle and have lost 8.5 lbs so far. It has been fairly easy cutting out bread, sugar and the pasta which I have always loved so much. I have also almost completely stopped drinking diet coke which I didn’t think was possible. I do not feel as if I am missing out on any food and haven’t had any cravings other than a roast recently which I bought and cooked.

Ashleigh ran yesterday after school with the school cross country running team. It was tough but she enjoyed it and is going back after school today to continue. When I asked her about it yesterday, her response was ” It was hard, but worth it”!  Yay for my little girl!  I hope she continues to keep it going.

I am still working on my fundraising course and ahead of the game.

All in all, everything is going well!  Will write soon when I have the opportunity to take the time!


Balancing Motherhood, Raising A Family, And Making Time For Yourself

I have been at home for many years as a “stay at home mom” raising four children.  With four children and daycare prices being so expensive, it makes sense for me to be at home. My husband makes a good income so I am able to have this great opportunity.  It has been a very rewarding job watching my children grow up. They have many many more years of growing to do; my youngest two are almost 5 years old now and will be going to school full time in grade one next year in 2013.  ( They will be my babies forever !)

I have been away from work so long that I am not sure if anyone would hire me!  Of course, I hope this isn’t the case.  However, I have just began a new journey in my life and am taking a Fundraising Management Certicate Program to tune up my skills, have some current education behind me and hoping that when the time next September comes, I have more skills and experience to find a position that I love.

I am only into my second week of my program so I have six courses to go but I am determined to get it finished as soon as I can.  I have been working on my course during the day when the  kids are at school and in the evening after the children go to bed. So far, I am ahead of the pack so feel very good about that.

I have also been trying to get back into writing (I have always enjoyed this) and am trying to create my own writing opportunities for experience and some fun also.

I will also be a part of the school council for the 2012-2013 year at my children’s school, hopefully as a Fundraising Coordinator.  (Another fabulous opportunity to better my skills)

I have a supportive husband who is happy to give me the time to work on my school (wow, school) course and encourages me to strive for my future goals. 

My house may not be the cleanest for the next while (lol) but I will do the best I can, to take care of myself and my family. By putting the time into my future, it can only make theirs better too!